Guardians of the Strait

Guardians of the Strait

Director: Claire Jager
2016, 73 minutes,
Documentary, Australia,
Language: Turkish with English subtitles

The Bosphorus - the narrow waterway twisting through the heart of the spectacular mega-city of Istanbul. Since the Roman empire, the Bosphorus has been a bottleneck of critical geo-strategic importance – but never more so than now. Every year more than 50,000 ships of all sizes pass through this narrow 31 kilometre stretch, carrying oil and other pollutants through to Istanbul. The ships must navigate the crowded waters of the Bosphorus with one and a half million commuters in ferries each day, along with fishing boats, floating restaurants, cruise ships and more. Guardians of the Strait is a film that examines those who struggle to protect and keep the Bosphorus of Istanbul open and safe.

City Venue Date Time
Sydney Palace Norton Street* 10.07.2017 07:00pm

* Panel event

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